Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What is intelligence? What are the parameters of intelligence? Does intelligence vary relative to environment? Is there more than one type of intelligence? Is intelligence quantifiable? Is intelligence a combination of reasoning, spacial, and artistic ability? What about interpersonal and intrapersonal ability?

How does creativity relate to intelligence? Is creativity a sub-measure of intelligence? Or is creativity a product of intelligence?

How does computational ability relate to intelligence? Are the two measures correlated?

If intelligence is quantifiable, can there exist a maximum intelligence? Would maximum intelligence require infinite resources and/or time/space?

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    1. http://spiralledlight.wordpress.com
    2. www.beezone.com/whiteandorangeproject/index.html
    3. www.dabase.org/Reality_Itself_Is_Not_In_The_Middle.htm
    4. www.dabase.org/illusion-weather.htm
    5. www.aboutadidam.org/lesser_alternatives/scientific_materialism/index.html