Monday, October 27, 2014


Imagine a subjective reality that is simulated by alien intelligence. Such a simulation could alter that subjective reality causing any intelligence generated by the simulation to be deceived from objective reality. Assuming the alien intelligence has complete control over the simulation. This deceived intelligence could not rely on perception for objective experiment, therefore this deceived intelligence could not be certain of anything.

Does this argument disable all certainty?

If the above scenario is plausible. The alien intelligence could also be in a simulation, therefore that alien intelligence could also be deceived by another intelligence.

Assuming infinite space and time. Could there be an infinite chain of simulated realities?

Imagine there is a universal logic that all intelligence can derive from any series of perceptions. This would infer that universal logic to be an objective certainty.

Could an objective certainly such as the hypothetical one above be known? What if an intelligence experienced numerous occasions of other isolated intelligences that derived the same rules of logic?

What if all intelligence had no doubt that something was certain? Does there require an intelligence aware of objectivity in order for there to be objectivity?

Is there any answer to any of the above questions that is certain? Can there be certainty that nothing is certain?

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