Thursday, October 30, 2014


Sensation is a form of input in humans. Types of human sensation include audition (hearing), vision (seeing), gustation (taste), olfaction (smelling), and tactition (touch).

What is the smallest distinctive unit of each human sensation? Does the smallest distinctive unit vary throughout the body for tactition? Which sensation is capable of inputting the most information relative to time? What percentage of sensory input is actually processed in the central nervous system on average?

The five sensations discussed above are not the only inputs of the human body.

What are the other human sensations? How are sensations differentiated among one another? Are there sensations of the human body that have not been discovered?

The process of natural selection favors sensational ability that detects useful changes in the environment. Organisms that are able to detect a storm coming are more likely to survive than organisms that cannot.

What existing sensational ability would maximize survival if enhanced for humans in modern society? Non-existing?

What is the difference between sensation and perception? Is one subjective and the other objective?

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